Let us Learn

By Dami Makinde, EF Youth Leader (UK ’17)


Outside Royal Courts of Justice

My journey as a social activist and campaigner began in February 2015, when the university I had set my sights on attending for so long, told me I wouldn’t be able to go. My grades were good enough; my immigration status wasn’t. I found out that this meant I had no access to a student loan and my tuition fees would be considerably higher than those of my British born peers. Here’s why:

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The Future of Work: 2017 Conference

In September 2017, 329 participants from 49 countries convened in Málaga, Spain for an extraordinary global conference on the Future of Work, featuring a stellar lineup of speakers and thought leaders on this subject of vital importance in every region of the world. The panel discussions, presentations and countless interactions in Málaga stimulated provocative exchanges of ideas and a call to action supported by more than 15 concrete projects with a real-world impact that will be implemented by Eisenhower Fellows after their return home to their countries.

Eisenhower Fellowships also introduced 32 Youth Leaders from 20 countries, the inaugural cohort of the Eisenhower Fellowships Youth Leaders Network, and a dynamic new dimension of the EF global family. 28 youth leaders from 18 countries actively participated in the conference, providing a vibrant and enthusiastic component to all the sessions. Four leaders from the Philippines and Rwanda were unable to secure visas, but were recognized during the conference and remain part of the overall 2017 youth leadership network.

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