José Ignacio Sanchez Elia, Argentina


Sanchez 300 dpi photo (1)
José Ignacio Sanchez Elia, a law student at the Torcuato Ditella University, supports Buenos Aires’s homeless community, has developed debate and mentoring programs for elementary and high school students, and advocates for inclusivity in society and promotes greater involvement in Argentina’s social and philanthropic projects for all citizens. For Argentina to prepare for the future of work, Sanchez hopes to establish better educational programs designed for jobs of the future.

“Having the intention to help your country is not enough. Leaders should aim to be as prepared as they can to confront the coming new reality. I believe that to truly contribute to my state’s development, I need to focus my whole attention in becoming the best version of myself. Taking this into account, I have worked very hard in my academic formation. On the other hand, I have tried to achieve changes in my community through different charitable initiatives. Nevertheless, meeting and discussing with young leaders committed to prosperity is an invaluable experience.”