Weixingzi Liu, China

300 dpi WeixingziLiu

Weixingzi Liu is currently pursing her undergraduate degree at New York University. She is an articulate communicator and a passionate leader who strives for social empowerment. Prior to her undergraduate study, she interned at multinational companies with experience in private equity investment, and strategy and operation. She works with entrepreneurs from diverse cultures and backgrounds to strengthen the company and individual efficiency. Born in Japan and raised in China, Liu seeks opportunities which enhance multicultural collaboration and self-awareness, and searches constantly for experiences that will enlarge her perspective.

“The challenge of the future of work is less about how machines can substitute human labor, but how humans interact with machines…”

Weixingzi (Louisiana) Liu’s attended Eisenhower Fellowships Annual Meeting Day Events in May 2018. Here are her reflections from the perspective of a Youth Leader.

Weixingzi Liu Project Report

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