Anita Braga, Italy

Anita Braga headshot
In her first year at university, Anita Braga wants to prepare youth in her home country, Italy, for the global job market by incorporating job training programs into the school curriculum. Having lived in Berlin as an exchange student for four months, Braga seeks to use her experience with both the Italian and German education systems to help prepare youth for the competitive job market in Italy.

Being a student, who has had the opportunity to compare strengths and weaknesses of the Italian and German high school systems, I see that Italian students of my age are at great disadvantage in terms of awareness of how the job market works. This not only affects our ability to look for a job, but also, particularly for students willing to pursue their studies further, it limits the knowledge of what could be most interesting to do. I believe that Italian students would have many more opportunities to participate in the job market, if their training at school could be combined with concrete job experiences, through business companies/non-profit organizations/public administrations.”