Osaid Zkarneh, Jordan


Osaeed Zakarneh image
Osaid Zkarneh joined ACTED’s REACH Initiative as Northern Syria Field Officer in October 2017. He also worked for several other NGOs including Lazord Fellowship Program as an International Programs Coordinator at Generations For Peace, Bait Al Hikmah Foundation for Youth and BLIMATCH (Blind Telematch) Youth Project. Zkarneh has also volunteered with the Princess Basma Youth Resource Centre, ActionAid, Jordanian Women Qualifying and Training Society, United Nation Volunteers, Al Jude for Scientific Care, International Youth Foundation and Leaders of Tomorrow.

Zkarneh is a member of many regional and international youth networks, and is motivated by a desire to empower community members to change and shape their realities by tackling violence and social injustice. He also believes in the importance of introducing new methods and approaches that can create lasting positive change in the world. In 2016, he founded DArts (Development through Arts) Foundation; “a group of young artists and social activists that aims to respond to the need of raising the awareness about the art role towards social change and social justice, through launching an Art for Change platforms, giving the opportunity to youth who have a passion for art to take a more active role in developing their society using art-based approaches and mechanisms”.

“I believe that we (the youth), are the “future shapers” and we’re burned with the desire to make a positive social impact on the world. This can be achieved if we start taking actions that not only springs from thought, but also from how much we are ready and responsible to implement innovative ideas to achieve the change. 

Lazord Foundation End of Year Assignment Winner