Alberto Niego, Peru

Niego headshot
A recent graduate of Babson College, noted for its strong entrepreneurship program in the United States, Niego intends to create an online platform designed to teach medical students and health professionals the necessary skills to assist patients through telemedicine and other technologies. Niego also started an NGO that supports those living in the Peruvian highlands where extreme weather conditions during winter are a challenge.

I am driven to create long-lasting positive impact in my community and the world throughout my life. Yet being part of the Eisenhower Youth Leaders network has allowed me join like-minded individuals who share the same burning passion to make the world a better place. In the past sixty-seven years, since the Eisenhower Fellowship was founded, Fellows around the world have gathered to foresee and execute on solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Joining the thirty-three Fellows from the Peruvian chapter will be critical in my path to continue creating more meaningful opportunities for people in my region. Likewise, I am extremely interested in synergies that will form from blending the leadership skills and mindsets of the current fellows with the ones of a millennial like me.”